What I've learned from coding PrimeBall.

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    So I just want to share what i've learned from my time with EvoBall coding PrimeBall to sort of 'debunk' or support some of the classic sayings.

    "Your reach, Lol. So Op"

    So this one makes me laugh. This has to be one of the most untrue things i've ever seen.
    Since the ball is an item, its not affected by things such as; reach packets or killaura or other reach changing things..


    So this one is pretty clear, its simple game mechanics (since there's not usually anything that makes an item fly a few blocks) and how the PrimeBall plugin works.

    So to make the ball move there is an event that is called every time a player right or left clicks (so yes you can even play without punching) . Then it grabs nearby entity's *based on the players location* and will check 1 block around the whole player. This means everyone's reach is exactly the same.

    What about the 1.10's "better reach"?

    So this is a really good illusion, it even made me think twice. However I believe it's something to do with either the client and server jar being the same meaning their is better packet conversion. Or just better client sending in general. Meaning less packets are lost.

    "You're all ping"

    Well this really depends on what your ms is like. The only accurate ms measurement you can get is from you CMD on your computer and pinging the evoball IP.

    So if you're under 90ms you really aren't affected by latency. Above 110 you could possibly have something to complain about but its unlikely. Above 200 and you have an issue. Basically if you're below 90-110 you can't really be complaining about ping..

    "Box Campers"

    Although this isn't game play, it should be brought up. "Box camping" isn't a crime and shouldn't be treated like one. If a team is playing like this they're playing to sneak a goal. Although it may not be preferred it's a smart choice if you have deadly finishers.

    To combat this is pretty easy. Entice the team you're playing out by taking the ball into your own half, play in there for a bit and the "box campers" will follow. After they're out and there's a little more space. Hit them with a fast paced attack and your chances of scoring are much higher.

    Football is a game of tactics. Fight fire with fire as a lot of people say.

    - If I think of anymore sayings. I'll add them. If you know any say them and i'll see if they're true or not.
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