Server Update - 1st of May 2017

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    The last two months have seen some huge changes to EvoBall. Me and Matt have worked hard to improve the server overall and will continue to do so. In this update you will see just what we have done.

    This update is following on from the last update on the 27th of February 2017:

    Things we said we were going to add in the last update:
    • Plots - DONE
    • Achievements - NOT DONE
    • Fully working ranking system (dig at myself) - DONE
    • Training pitches - DONE, but has of late been removed
    • Whole server boosts - DONE
    • Competitive Leagues INFORMATION: - Created
    • MORE leaderboards! (Weekly and monthly) - DONE, currently down due to change in code.
    Done: 5 - Broke: 1 - Not Done: 1

    Other unannounced additions we added:
    • EvoBall Ultimate Team - Now this is a pretty cool addition to EvoBall. Something made from 'scratch' coded by me! Now EvoBall Ultimate Team is a like a remake of FIFA's Ultimate Team gamemode. However at this current time you can only quick sell players, open bronze, silver and gold packs. You can also view your team and see the odds of gaining each card. All cards are made from real players on the server!
    • "Goal line technology" - This feels really good to say as over the 2 years across 2-3 servers. No dev has ever been able to take the football plugin and add a system that detects goals without pressure plates. It is now much less likely the ball will bounce out of the goal. At this current time its not perfect. But its a start and is a significant improvement!
    • Server wide optimisation - With all the changes we were making EvoBall tended to struggle a little with how much ram it was using. Now players wouldn't notice this but if EvoBall is to support a higher player count we want to make sure we're using our ram as efficiently as possible. So everyone gets the best experience possible!
    To come:
    • Player walls for UT
    • Transfer market for UT
    • Better win/loss/draw intelligence
    • and more.. secret stuff ;)
    You can find a greater amount of information in our discord group in the #ServerChanges channel:

    Thank you for reading,
    Evoball's Twitter:
    David's Twitter:
    Matt's Twitter:
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Navy, May 1, 2017.

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