Server IP: play.evoball.net

The last two months have seen some huge changes to EvoBall. Me and Matt have worked hard to improve the server overall and will continue to do so. In this update you will see just what we have done.

This update is following on from the last update on the 27th of February 2017: http://www.evoball.net/index.php?threads/server-update-27-02-17.29/

Things we said we were going to add in the last update:
  • Plots - DONE
  • Achievements - NOT DONE
  • Fully working ranking system (dig at myself) - DONE
  • Training pitches - DONE, but has of late been removed
  • Whole server boosts - DONE
  • Competitive Leagues INFORMATION: http://evoball.net/index.php?threads/efl-season-1-managers.28/ - Created
  • MORE leaderboards! (Weekly and monthly) - DONE, currently down due to change in code.
Done: 5 - Broke: 1 - Not Done: 1

Other unannounced additions we added:
  • EvoBall Ultimate Team - Now this is a pretty cool addition to EvoBall. Something made from 'scratch' coded by me! Now EvoBall Ultimate Team is a like a remake of FIFA's Ultimate Team gamemode. However at this current time you can only quick sell players, open bronze, silver and gold packs. You can also view your team and see the odds of gaining each card. All cards are made from real players on the server!
  • "Goal line technology" - This feels really good to say as over the 2 years across 2-3 servers. No dev has ever been able to take the football plugin and add a system that detects goals without pressure plates. It is now much less likely the ball will bounce out of the goal. At this current time its not perfect. But its a start and is a significant improvement!
  • Server wide optimisation - With all...
Hi all,

It's been 2 weeks and 1 day (15 days) after release and a fair bit has changed. With February coming to an end I figured its time to update you all, yet again.

Following from the last update on the 2nd of February. This is what has changed and what is to come.
(Last update: http://evoball.net/index.php?threads/pre-release-update.19/)

"Alright, stop with this talking nonsense and tell me some facts".

Ok, well. Since the 2nd of February you will find that all of the below have been added.
  • Players points are counted
You can now earn points (to help with player ranking and earn rewards at the end of the month) from competitive pitches. Which can be found on slot 6 of your hot-bar. ​
  • Players now have 'Player Value'
You are now worth a certain amount of money on the server, this is defined by how well you do in matches. A little hint. The amount of goals you score, Matches you play, Matches you win and shots you smash into your own net all count towards it!​
  • Ranking system (90% done)
Depending on the amount of points you have, will depend on the rank you hold. Post soon to come out about this​
  • Boosts
EvoBall now has buy-able boosts that affect how much money and how much player value you receive after a match. There are currently 4 types, 5%, 10%, 25% and 50% all of which boost money and PV by its percentage. These can be bought in our shop (http://shop.evoball.net/) or are given out as daily rewards by Mossy at spawn!​
  • Leaderboards
EvoBall now has yet another feature to increase competitiveness onto the...​
Check out the awesome new Cinematic Trailer for EvoBall opening February 12th!

Hi all,

I've decided to update everyone on the server with just 10 days to go before the big release!

Firstly, some of you are probably wondering "Whats different from the previous servers?"

So. Whats different?

Well. As some of you already know, me and Matt have been working on unique ways to make the server better and more appealing. To start, here are some of the features you can expect to be added (or already added in some cases) from us:
  • Non league competitive gamemode
  • Casual gamemode
  • Ranking system
  • Stamina
  • Custom football plugin
Features of the custom football plugin:

One of the biggest efforts we have put into this server is the custom plugin. Coded by Navy (David) with the help of Mattaz (Matt) through brainstorming ideas. We're creating one of the biggest game changers in Evoball history. Here are the features you can expect on release day:
  • Hotbar GUI - Forget typing the command. Simply click the item
  • Agent - Your own personal agent that stays with you and messages you throughout your Evoball footballing career
  • Commentator - Our very own commentator to comment on the goals you score day-to-day.
  • Player Value - Finally have the ability to become the most valued player (on paper) in Evoball!
  • Points - Personal points defined by winning/losing - The only way to change competitive level (Amatuer, Championship and Premiership)
  • Stats - Keep track of your: Goals Scored, Own Goals, Punches, Player Value, Points, Matches Won and Matches Lost
  • With plenty more!

Hope to see everyone on at 8:30PM GMT on February the 12th,

Hello everyone!

EvoBall will be launching at 20:30PM GMT on the 12th February 2017.
Get ready for lots of fun and events all day! As well as lots of prizes and giveaways!

Hope to see you all there :)